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A student software engineer from the south west of Australia.

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Here are some of my past projects I'm proud of.

Reflection Project Framework


Reflection Project Framework (RPF) is my personal framework, that contains the boilerplate I frequently find myself rewriting on every new project.



Gary was HelpChat's official moderation/fun bot from 2017 - 2020. He handled logging, discord games, role requests, the service channels, individual chat settings, and more.



PlaceholderAPI is a Minecraft plugin that provides a central service for variable replacement from other plugins. It's currently used on over 30,000 servers, and it's cloud based service receives over 6,000,000 requests per month.



RandomSpawn was my first public Spigot plugin, originally created for a friend. This project is the only project of mine, that has seen the full evolution of my code over time.

PlaceholderAPI Bot


PlaceholderAPI Bot (PAPIBot) is a Discord representation of the data stored in PlaceholderAPI's cloud service (the eCloud). It's used primarily in HelpChat regarding support queries, but is also a public bot, so can be added to any server.



HelpChat is a Discord server especially equipped for minecraft and programming related support. I'm currently an administrator in the server, and have been since 2018 (trusted before that).


Need a plugin, maybe a bot, or even a website?

Got a cool idea for a plugin, discord bot or website? Feel free to contact me via one of the methods in the contact dropdown. Tell me about your idea and I'll give you a quote if I'm interested. Before sending me your enquiry however, please read my Terms of Service & Privacy Policy.


Hey, so you wanna chat? Here's how to contact me.

I'd recommend contacting me via either spigot, or discord, as those are where I'm most active. The links to which, are above: in the navbar, the first section of the site, and this section.